About Moxy

Moxy is all about creating beauty from even the rawest material.


Our tight and talented team of FX and editing professionals gives creative images from renowned directors just the post-production they deserve. There’s no ‘passive’ in our dictionary. We ensure a brilliant execution and are proud to generate creative added value by providing bright ideas from a post-production point of view. Good ideas and outstanding images only blossom in the right biotope. That’s why we created a stimulating, comfortable atmosphere in the Moxy loft. Short deadlines and limited budgets can actually go

together with high expectations in the TV production world. Moxy post-production is spry, agile, flexible and inventive. We are ready, steady, go! From nine to five in exceptional cases, and from five to nine if needed. Our moxy, combined with our years of experience, will bring each new project to a successful conclusion. We follow each project with rigor and passion, from start to finish. We set high standards, regardless of the budget you have available. We deliver superior service. You will definitely notice the quality of the end result!

Stefaan Gryson

Owner - Online editor

Stefaan has led Moxy from its formation in 2007 to a business that takes pride in first-class creative products, working with renowned directors and serving high-profile clients. Prior to Moxy, Stefaan was a Smoke and Shake operator in one of the leading Belgian post-production companies.

Ingeborg Vanrumbeke

Managing Partner - Graphic Designer

Ingeborg has been at Moxy since the very beginning. She has outstanding graphical skills and is specialized in thinking in and out of the box, brainstorming and adding creative and refreshing ideas to the post-production process from a designer’s viewpoint. Prior to Moxy, Ingeborg was active in the advertising industry and other post-production companies.

Eva Segers

Post Production Coordinator

Eva joined recently our team and gives your project the follow-up and special care it needs. If you have any questions or requests concerning planning / production, Eva is your girl. Prior to Moxy, Eva has produced for several Belgian (post- ) production companies.

Joost Van Kerckhove

Colour Grader

Joost joined the Moxy team in 2010 but has been active in the video sector for more than 12 years. He is specialized in colour grading and also has amazing editing skills. He expertly edited many hours of commercials and has colour-graded numerous Belgian and international feature movies and TV series.


Annelies Carnoy

Motion graphic designer

Annelies joined Moxy in july 2016. She has proven to be a talented Motion Graphic Designer. Her specialties can be found in the field of 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics and compositing. On her track record you will find an internationally rewarded sports campaign and lots of creative campaigns for various brands.

Sigrid Rousseau

Online editor

In april 2017 we welcomed Sigrid to the Moxy family. He brings 20 years of experience to the table. Sigrid has worked for different post-production companies. He is proud of his creation of 3D effects for amusement parks and announcements for tv-shows. At Moxy we value him for his graphic animation skills. Next to that he excels in retouching video footage.

Sacha Cnockaert

Junior producer

It was january 2017 when we added Sacha to our team. Despite his young age, he has loads of experience. He used to work for an international tv-show with millions of viewers. Skilled In photography and video, Sacha has worked on numerous projects. From reporting a live footballmatch to filming political debates and festivals, it’s all on Sacha’s resumé. Did you know he is also a promising documentary producer?

Nick Read


The Moxy team expanded in 2017 with the arrival of Nick. After his study at the RITCS he worked at one of the largest commercial television stations in Belgium where he made teasers for films and TV shows. In addition to that, he worked as a freelancer on several documentaries, one of these was recently rewarded at the Film Fest Gent. Nowadays Nick can use his expertise as an editor to give all Moxy projects the right finishing touch.

Dina Tassenon

Motion Designer

At the end of 2017, Dina joined the Moxy family. She is a talented motion designer with a great passion for film. During her studies she also gained experience in the game world. As a game lover this was the perfect opportunity to create the most original characters for the latest games. After graduating in Digital Arts & Entertainment, she luckily knocked on our door and we couldn’t have been more happy.