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Follow our nose for video content , post-production, motion graphics and 3D
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Delhaize Sorbet & breakfast

Devos Lemmens – Gourmet


Syntra Brussel

Posters, brochures, flyers, banners, photoshoot, TV commercial, radio commercial
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Our close-knit team of talented VFX and editing professionals give the creative footage by renowned directors exactly the post-production they require. ‘Passive’ is not in our dictionary. Moxy ensures a brilliant execution and we pride ourselves in our ability to generate creative added value for your project.

To allow us to preform well, we have created a stimulating and comfortable atmosphere in our Moxy loft . Short deadlines and limited budgets can go hand in hand with high expectations.

From nine to five, and if necessary from five to nine. Our higly experienced team, makes each project a successful collaboration. We follow each project meticulously and passionately from start to finish. We set high standards and provide superior service. The quality of the end result will certainly be noticed!

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