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5 video marketing strategies you can’t ignore

Written by Ingeborg

Even though we’ve said this before, we can’t say it enough: nowadays you can’t do without videomarketing. By using video you can explain complicated information really fast.

Video is, besides that, the most efficient method to convert traffic to your website. The chance that your video will show up on the first page of google is 53 times bigger than when you use a text article. Time to dig deeper into the strategy behind videomarketing so you can score optimally! We will already help you with this top 5 tips for videomarketing

Get more out of Youtube

After google, youtube is one of the biggest search engines and the most efficient way to score with SEO. So, don’t think twice and put your money on this platform. You can share different types of content. Think about tutorials, interviews, after movies of events and many more. Make sure that your video has a high quality and post as frequent as possible to get as many followers as you can. Above all, don’t forget to share your videos on your other social media channels.

Use sponsored video’s

Video is a powerful marketing tool, your competitors know this as well and of course they also invest in this platform. This means you’ve got a lot of competition and as a result there is an excess of online content.

So make sure people see you and use paid posts, this will increase involvement with a 100%. Do make sure you use the correct target audience, otherwise you are just trowing money out of the window.

Send your followers personalized and short video’s

Social media is a method to start a dialogue with your followers. An original way to do this, is by sending them personalized videos. Thanks to this personal touch your followers will feel special and will get invested in your company.

Use User-generated video’s

The content that your users create, is the perfect videomarketing tool. Brands are no longer what we say they are, they are what costumers tell each other that they are. Those videos generate faith to attract potential costumers because they show honest opinions. No one paid them to say these things. It also makes your company look more human when you use User-generated content. No one still buys those polished, preconceived sales videos.

Score with instagram stories

People rather enjoy instagram stories than regular posts. By sharing short and creative videos on this platform, you can generate more traffic to your website. Of course, this will only work when you add a link to your website at the end of the video.

Lastly, a few more tips that you can use to make sure your video goes viral cheap and easy: Add your videos to e-mails, blog articles on your website or make a landing page where you display your video. Success assured! Need some help with this? FinesseBrands would love to help!

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