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Employer Branding through Video

Written by Ingeborg

In the meantime, it has become general knowledge that video offers a lot of opportunities. Did you know that you can use video to find and hire the right people in the most effective manner? We’ll show you how you can acquire new talent by using video and save money: Employer Branding.

What is employer branding?

Employer Branding covers all the ways in which a company can make sure that it attracts the right people and control the kind of reputation that it has (as an employer). The way in which the values of the company are expressed to the outside world is of great importance.

Increase the quality of applications and improve your image

It’s getting more and more important for companies to invest in good Employer Branding. In times when a lot of companies deal with a shortage of employees and hiring through the traditional channels continues to get more expensive, Employer Branding can be the answer. A couple of other reasons to choose this method is:

  • A lack of name-recognition
  • Not enough followers on social media
  • The target group has a wrong image
  • Not enough qualitative entries
  • A lot of competition from big companies

The advantages of employer branding through video

Nowadays potential candidates don’t look at just the job description. They want to know if it’s a nice company, with a good working environment an loads of possibilities. To be fair, you do spend the biggest part of your time at work, so you want to make sure that you enjoy that time as much as possible. Of course you can put all of this on paper, but we’re not sure if this will carry the message across in an adequate way.

Tasting the atmosphere

By using Employer Branding your can portrait your company in a positive way and show who you are as a company and where you stand for. Let your video show the kind of people that work for your company, the atmosphere and the expectations for new employees. This way, potential coworkers are getting a good image of the company and they’ll be able to tell if this matches their expectation. This makes a big difference in turnover.

Video: multi-employable and efficient

Besides, a video does a lot for transparency. It helps you set yourself apart from your competition, get a lot more traffic to your company, improve your SEO and on top of that you’ll be able to share this video as content on all your social media.

Don’t forget that a video says a lot more than words. You can show a lot more than you’ll be able to put in a text. Last but not least: there’s no need to spend a lot of budget on recruitment bureaus and you won’t get rejected for big companies on well known jobsites anymore. Your video will take care of it, you’ll be found by the people that you want to find your company.

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