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Every company deserves a corporate video

Written by Stefaan Gryson

“With a good corporate video you make the difference “, headlined De Tijd in times of crisis. In a time where marketing budgets were under heavy pressure, companies were forced to use their own creativity. Time to say goodbye to advertising campaigns and come up with a budget-friendly solution: a corporate film.

Make your corporate video a hit

Almost 10 years after the crisis we can say that a lot has changed.

The crisis may well be a thing of the past, but the drive for more return remains. People like videos and with a good corporate film you can quickly get results. The creed: ‘make it inviting to look at’ is just as important for corporate films as for other marketing tools.

One company film, infinite possibilities

Although the classic corporate video is now dead and buried, there are still 101 other ways to create such a film. Every company has a story, it’s just about how you bring that story. MoxyOne thinks along with the approach, the script and the channels on which the video will be distributed. Only when everything is perfect, we will start.

The possibilities for a corporate film are endless: HD or 4K video, 2D and 3D animations, 360 ° videos, product presentations, introductory videos, tutorials.

Guaranteed high quality videos

With more 20 years of experience in the film and advertising world,  MoxyOne is the right partner to team up with. Partly because of this experience, we set the bar for corporate films very high. A visually attractive video is not only pleasing to the eye, your company will be recognized and remembered , and that is the ultimate goal of video marketing.

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