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Invisible VFX, what is it and why is it so important?

Written by Ingeborg

Normally visual effects are meant to be stand out. Just think about dinosaurs or aliens who play an important role in a movie or tv show. However, in movies or tv-shows there are a lot of effects that are designed to not stand out or to be erased afterwards. These effects are called invisible effects (VFX). We will tell you the different ways to make thing disappear or how you can edit them. We will also tell you the importance of VFX.

Different types of invisible video effects

There are multiple types of invisible VFX. There is a category in which some thing are used in a main shot, but not in a detailed shot. There is also a type of repair scene, where things that aren’t supposed to be in a shot, get erased. You also have effect that are designed to change a recording drastically. For example, changing the direction of track marks or changing the color of the sky.

Some forms of invisible VFX that are used most frequent

1. Wire removal

Wires are mainly in action movies . By using wires you can make the actor fly trough the sky or protect him from falling. Just think about a shot where the actor stands on top of a high building and of course you don’t want something to happen to him. In postproduction you can erase the wires.

2. Rig removal

Rig removal looks a lot like wire removal. A rig is a device which is frequently used on a filmset to hold up items while the movie is being made. This could be anything: a pole, harness or a cable.

3. Monitor removal

While it is not impossible, it’s quite hard to record monitors or tv-screens with moving images. The lighting on set has to be optimized so the screen is perfectly visible. It’s easier to film a blanc scene and add the images later.

4. Reflection removal

This is self explanatory: you delete in postproduction a reflection or shadow of the camera, crew or microphone.

Why are invisible VFX effects so important?

If you want perfect video’s, you need Invisible VFX. You can erase object that shouldn’t be in the clip. You can also give certain aspects a finishing touch. You can, for example, make gold shine or make lightning strike. Every aspect of your video can look perfect and realistic thanks to invisible VFX.

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