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Moxy's endless pallet of post-production services

The services we offer are limitless: editing, VFX, compositing, 2D motion graphics, 3D, matte painting, colour grading, adaptations of existing international versions, editing to other language versions, D-Mat (digital supply of antenna material to Belgian broadcasters).

Video post-production is our middle name

Moxy has a top-notch video (post) production department that gives a stunning touch to moving images. Building on our vast experience we feel comfortable with any type of video, from projections to online and offline editing, from full post-production for commercials to production of corporate films, but also video clips, trailers, viral marketing, title sequences, idents, logo animations, multimedia, video for events and more…… much more…..

Special and visual effects 

Perfection is key when it comes to finishing your project. To give you a quick and perfect result, Moxy uses only high quality hardware and advanced software. Moxy’s great sense of creativity adds stunning effects to any moving image, creating environments and situations that are impossible to capture directly on film. Moxy will always edit material with respect for the original footage. That’s the reputation we’ve built up, and that’s the standard we wish to maintain.

Offline editing

Offline editing is the phase in which unedited footage is uploaded by a program which transcodes it. This copy will be at lower resolution, ready for editing. The footage will be properly formed during editing. Using story-telling techniques and other appropriate techniques let us Incorporate a touch of emotion, cut the video to exactly the right length, and ensure that everything happens in the right order. Because of our extensive experience, offline editing is simplicity itself for Moxy . It won’t take any time at all, to convert your raw material into a powerful end product.

Online editing

Moxy distinguishes itself from the masses in the editing of moving images with great respect for the original footage. We enjoy merging visual elements from different sources into a new image, creating the illusion that all these different elements are part of the same scene.



Like Walt Disney said: “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.” There’s a reason why an animation video is such a powerful marketing instrument. A study on visual communication shows that people remember 68% more information when they watch an animation video. Explain your message in a creative, simple and attractive way with an animation video. You can create a reality you want to show to your costumers by using animation. This reality can be different from the one your organisation has today. Using an animation video is a good way to differentiate your company from your competitors. And an animation video is also a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors!


Motion graphics and 3d 

Motion graphics adds another dimension to your project. We offer the best 3D motion graphics and techniques available. From an animation of your company logo, the design of your title bars or a graphic representation of your product. Using motion graphics will make your video more appealing and easier to understand for your target audience.

Colour grading

Moxy brings any rough moving footage to life by enriching it with vibrant colours and adding the atmosphere you’re looking for. By the way, Moxy employs the best colour-graders in Belgium, now that’s pure luxury!


Sometimes reality has to be tweaked a little, suspension cables holding people in mid-air need to be retouched or details have to be added in the picture, such as fire or smoke, … no problem for Moxy. Moxy constructs unique images using visual elements that are completely unconnected. We gather them from different sources, but by the time we’re done you would swear they were in that particular scene from the start. Be sure to have a look at our ‘before and after’ showreel to evaluate our capabilities.

D-mat delivery

Since 2009, the Belgian association of commercial directors has used D-MAT/HD-MAT as a standard format for TV advertising clips. Moxy is a recognised post-production company and has the correct D-MAT technology available, which fully meets all strict standards. The clips (all in HD, of course), are uploaded via a secure connection.




Proactivity often makes the difference. During shoots, Moxy likes to be ready with technical advice. It might be about lighting, the setup of the equipment or the effect of the interior design colour scheme. Using their eagle eyes, the Moxy team will quickly spot all details and will be in a position to give useful feedback. That, in turn, is noticeable in the quality of the end result.

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