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Know yourself: from visual identity to credibility

In our hectic society, there is only one thing we all want: to distinguish ourselves from others. When it comes to branding, at Moxy we know all the tricks of the trade to create a memorable logo for your brand.

What is visual identity?

With one look at your logo people should immediately know what your company stands for. With a visual identity created especially for your company, you show how you want to position yourself, how you want to be remembered and you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

In developing such a visual brand identity – think: colours, typography and other graphic elements – recognisability and consistency are essential. You want your brand to be imprinted in the visual memory of your target audience, don’t you? That is how you build trust and loyalty, and your brand will be stronger for it.

At Moxy , we are ideally placed to help you create a corporate identity, logo, brochure, business card and much more. They all contribute to the image of your brand or company. We are convinced that the different communication media for your company should all be aligned and the designs should be to. If you consistently use the same colours, fonts and visual elements, you will increase the recognisability of your brand or company.

From strategy to corporate identity: your brand identity in 2 steps

Do you know perfectly what you stand for, but are you missing a visual style? Creating a perfect logo is a profession that requires master skills, and this is something that Moxy masters like no other. This is how we work:

STEP 1: Hatching a strategy

Thinking about where you stand as a company and where you want to go is not something you do rashly. Don’t know how to get started? Relax, we’ve got your back. During a workshop, we will work together to find all the ways to achieve your desired position. And we will continue until you are 100% satisfied. And even beyond.

STEP 2: Designing a corporate identity

A corporate identity is more than just a logo on some business cards. With one recognisable style, the right typography and a well thought-out colour palette, you put your companyes entire philosophy in the spotlight.

The end result of the creation of a corporate style is your style guide. This is a collection of all the visual elements that make out your visual identity. With this style guide the graphic designer does not have to waste time finding the right colour code for a design. And you don’t have to keep reinventing yourself. Your own graphic library, so to speak.



If you don’t yet have a name for your new product, service or company, don’t worry, we put our copywriter to work. He will compile a longlist with a number of proposals, obviously based on the analysis and strategy that we determined together. We discuss this list with you in detail and from this a shortlist is synthesised or a number of derived names can be extracted. Once the name has been determined, we can move on to the next steps such as baseline and logo.


To reinforce your brand name, we don’t forget the baseline, a short sentence that encompasses the essence of your company and strengthens the logo. The perfect translation or description of your promise to the market.

Brand story and/or other texts

It’s all about storytelling, approaching the market with the right story is essential for any brand or company. By writing out this story, you bring clarity to customers and employees about what your brand stands for and what exactly you want to convey to the outside world.

Logo in various forms and applications

All great things start out small. For instance: a logo that, at a glance, reflects the vision of your entire company. When choosing your logo, it is better to engage in “slow romance” rather than “love at first sight”. A good logo gains significance, strength and recognition over time, so you definitely need to take your time to choose a logo that will work for your company.

Know that a logo is a graphical symbol, whereas a word mark merely states your company or product name, framed in a certain fixed way. We are unrivalled in creating visually attractive logos that perfectly portray your product or service and of course we test this against reality and on different supports.

Graphical library

But a logo is not enough, so we determine the complete visual identity of your company, which graphic elements should be included to further reinforce your communication? Are there colours, patterns, icons, images that enhance the whole?

It’s always useful to have a complete library of graphical elements at your fingertips. These are all small elements of your branding that you can use in your communication, ranging from background textures to icons or the preferred colour blocks. We can help you create a cohesive look for your company.

Corporate colours

A corporate colour palette is usually defined by the colours in your logo. In many cases, a decision is made to use only one or two colours, so Less is more. Choose one or two colours that appear in your logo and extend them to all your communication.


All you need to create uniformity and a calm appearance is handful of fonts. Trust and clarity is what you are going for, right?


Bright photos or a lot of contrast? Sharp close-ups or soft focus? Give your images a consistent look & feel, both in print and online.

Brand book

We also determine the different versions of the logo, colour code, use of the logo (do’s and dont’s), general universe for the communication of your company, etc. All this is recorded in a style guide or brand book.

Your own bespoke logo with ditto colour palette, fonts and images create trust and loyalty with your customers.

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