Behind the
scenes at Moxy

Get to know all about our post-production company

About us

Moxy creates stunning films, even from the most challenging footage. Driven by passion, perfected by expertise.

At Moxy, we believe that true creativity is coupled with unwavering dedication. Our passion for storytelling is matched only by our dedication to excellence. Our seasoned team – editors, VFX wizards, and animators – thrives on transforming your concepts into dazzling reality. No matter the complexity or the pressing deadlines, Moxy stands for unwavering commitment to bring your vision to life with flair and precision.

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We work heart

Every project at Moxy pulses with heart and soul, from storyboard to the delivery of your film. Our ethos is to be there for you around the clock, from the typical nine-to-five to the after-hours that stretch creativity beyond its bounds.

It’s this relentless spirit that fosters collaboration and ensures each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. With Moxy, experience the synergy of a team that’s as invested in your vision as you are.

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We Render Partnerships

At Moxy, ‘collaboration’ means more than just working together,  it’s about forging relationships that stand the test of time. We champion a culture of impeccable quality and support. We believe in a personalized, transparent process, where creativity, adaptability, meticulousness and efficient budgeting come together to benefit you. With these five pillars, Moxy doesn’t just deliver, we redefine the essence of partnership.

Our team strives for precision in every frame

Stefaan Gryson

Managing Partner & Video Specialist

Joost Van Kerckhove

Colour Grader

Joachim Weytens

Online Editor

Nomi Van Gool

Graphic & Motion Design