Moxy has a top-notch
post-production department
that gives a stunning touch
to moving images.

moxy building work spaces

Offline editing

Transform your raw footage into polished masterpieces with our offline editing services. Our expert team ensures seamless transitions, captivating visuals, and a compelling narrative for your projects. Whether it’s a commercial, short film, documentary, or promotional video, we tailor our editing to suit your vision and goals. Trust us to bring your story to life with precision and creativity. Elevate your content to new heights with our professional offline editing solutions.

Online editing

Moxy distinguishes itself from the masses in the editing of moving images with great respect for the original footage. We enjoy merging visual elements from different sources into a new image, creating the illusion that all these different elements are part of the same scene.

VFX & compositing

Moxy excels at the art of visual manipulation, seamlessly blending disparate elements to create stunning and unique images. Whether it’s tweaking reality to perfection or adding intricate details like fire or smoke, no challenge is too great for us.

Our expertise lies in constructing scenes that defy the bounds of imagination. Need to seamlessly integrate visual elements from different sources? Consider it done. What sets us apart is our ability to make the impossible look effortless. With Moxy, the boundaries of possibility are endless, and the results speak for themselves.

Motion graphics & 3D

Motion graphics and 3D animation have transformed film into dynamic experiences, captivating audiences with visually stunning content. From lively logo animations to immersive product demonstrations or integrating nonexistent 3D elements.These techniques bring brands to life and leave a lasting impression. By blending creativity and technology, motion graphics and 3D animation elevate commercials from mere advertisements to engaging storytelling platforms, driving audience engagement and brand recognition.

Color grading

We specialize in elevating your visuals through expert color grading services. Our state-of-the-art color grading studio is equipped with a full Blackmagic panel and meticulously calibrated monitors, ensuring precise adjustments to deliver stunning visuals that meet the highest industry standards. With thorough attention to detail, we enhance the mood and atmosphere of your project, ensuring it captivates and resonates with your audience. 

D-mat delivery

Since 2009, the Association of AV Media (Via) has been using D-mat/HD-Mat as a standard format for TV advertising clips. Moxy is a recognised and licenced post-production company.

Set supervision

Proactivity often makes the difference, and Moxy exemplifies this during shoots by offering timely technical advice. From advising on optimal set construction for VFX or 3D integration to utilizing their keen eye for detail, the Moxy team swiftly identifies key aspects and provides invaluable feedback. This proactive approach significantly enhances the quality of the end result.

Selected Work