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Our vision

Moxy creates beauty, even with the roughest of footage

We will strive for perfection, but first we will listen and put ourselves in your shoes. Creative added value, that is what we’re all about: clever ideas and flawless execution. Value needs to be nurtured, which is why we have our Moxy loft. Here, we can provide the right atmosphere to stimulate creativity and this leads to fabulous footage.

Do you have a tight deadline or a limited budget? No need to lower your expectations – at Moxy we’re always up for it, alert, flexible and inventive. Full steam ahead. We have Moxy, we have experience, and we’re always committed to great results. And even though we are passionate, we run a tight ship. Each project is seen through from A to Z. We won’t lower the bar, regardless of your budget. Our service and our quality have to be spot on, every single time.

Personalised content, tailor-made for your company

We will make sure that the images created for your video reflects your corporate identity. Each detail will have our attention to ensure that the imagery is perfectly aligned with your corporate identity.

We can create animations, company videos or a single, seamless combination of the two, whether you prefer cats, unicorns, or a fantasy character. Perhaps you’re looking to work together with another company? Moxy can turn any concept into an appealing end result, which will stay in your target audience’s

Plenty of tricks up our sleeves

Through its years of experience in the communication sector, Moxy has acquired in-depth knowledge of the market. This means we can assist you at the creative level. Furthermore, we focus on training our employees to ensure our knowledge is always up to date.

We employ a personal approach for each client. We take your wishes into account and our process is entirely transparent. By keeping you up to date on all new developments, our team can take action in a timely manner when necessary. We strive towards perfection and we try to be as flexible as possible in order to realise the desired result. After all, that benefits your organisation the most.

Logical values

We’re fully committed to long-lasting collaborations. Visualise, use correctly and update your ideas. With respect for each other, with a quality product and with a clear deadline. Positive, personal, transparent and in a team. That’s best for your company, your brand or for yourself, isn’t? Creativity, reactivity, flexibility, attention to detail and cost management, the 5 winners of Moxy .

Our approach

We work with full confidence and without heavy-duty contracts. We believe that open and straight communication is the cornerstone of a long-term partnership. This means we ‘ll do everything in our power to make sure projects run smoothly.

By constantly following market develop-ments and responding to new trends, we keep our knowledge up to date and our minds sharp.


In Brussels

Moxy is located in the north of Brussels, near the Ring around Brussels, the E40 and A12 and various public transport lines. Feel free to stop by. Our coffee is hot and the cookies are fresh.


Do you have a Moxy mind?

Explain your idea to us and let us come up with a solution for you. We are eager to give you what you want and always strive to astonish you with our solutions.

We like to ask you the question, are you content about your content?

Tell us the story of your company and we will bring it to the outside world

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