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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, fairs, product launches or events were no longer available to use in your marketing campaigns. Are your marketing and communication activities also at a standstill? Or are they on the back burner? Do you want to organise a board meeting or a team event, but you don’t know how to go about it in the digital age? We have found a solution for this with Plug & Play.

Stronger together: three worlds linking hands together

Our many years of experience in broadcasting, video, organisating events and concerts is taking on a new dimension. Plug & Play is surrounded by companies affected by the corona crisis.

The events sector, the audiovisual sector and the IT sector are joining forces to organise interactive events. This also includes events with fully elaborated concepts and scenarios. You can choose one of our standard packages or opt for a fully personalised project. Plug & Play takes charge of the entire project and goes ‘live’ with a total approach from A to Z. Plug & Play events are all efficiently executed, reliable and, above all, affordable, because that is our mission.

The unique collaboration between the different sectors, with highly differentiated knowledge and a shared passion to offer service, led to the creation of this new business.

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Plug & Play Partners

We have several fixed and mobile Plug & Play studios in Flanders. But we can also set up a studio on your company site. All sectors, companys, associations, network organisations, keynote speakers,… can call on Plug & Play. All your product launches, fairs, events and lectures can go ahead without ‘direct contact’ or complex appointments.

Plug & Play is the new standard

Plug & Play takes care of your project during the entire live streaming, be it interactive or otherwise. Do you have any questions or are you interested in our Plug & Play’s services? Send an e-mail [email protected]


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