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At Moxy, we are committed to an open culture where colleagues, clients, partners … are respected, we invariably believe in putting the right person in the right place, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, age, outlook or sexual orientation. We create an open working atmosphere where there is room for new and fresh ideas and a focus on a sustainable job.

We want to be a reflection of Brussels (Belgian) society and therefore we strive to work with different people, regardless of their origin, beliefs or orientation. Diversity enhances our quality, inspires us and helps us improve and innovate.

We pursue an HR policy that guarantees neutrality and respect for diversity and to combat all forms of direct and indirect discrimination within the organisation.

Moxy works with people who show an enthusiastic work attitude, value team spirit and are eager to learn. People who want to learn during or after work and have the ambition to excel at something.

Respect is a core value at our companies, which we want to promote widely. Both at work and at home, we show respect for people, regardless of their religious, cultural or political beliefs and of any orientation. Our companies are neutral places where people interact in a positive way.

Diversity is very important to our company, so there is no place for harassment, exclusion and discrimination on any grounds. Moxy and Latcho assume that everyone who works for us also takes this view for granted.

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