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Video is the way to go

The most powerful call to action on the Internet?

That is your media player’s play button. We help you from scenario to full post-production finishing: we at Moxy have all the expertise to hit the right chord with inspirational, convincing and motivating video content. Brief and to the point we create your script, animatics and a whole range of motion design options. Camera running … action!

Video can be seen everywhere these days. This is not surprising, because with a video you stimulate multiple senses. The message is amplified by sound and image. So it is important that these are of quality.

The importance of video marketing

Spread your content in an original way and go for video marketing. A marketing mix without video marketing is almost unthinkable today. The predictions don’t lie: in 2021, 90% of online traffic will consist of video. So don’t wait any longer and let us create your video. Any video production, Moxy knows how to handle it.

  • Playing a tutorial or studying a long, boring manual?
  • Watching an aftermovie or reading an extensive report on a blog?
  • Watch a company video or go through an annual report full of figures and graphs?
  • Viewing a video testimonial or looking for online product reviews yourself?

The choice is easily made. Why stay behind with your company? Storytelling with video quickly and efficiently grabs your target group by the collar.

Videomarketing in 3 steps

step 1 exploration 

A good video marketing strategy starts with an exploration. Questions, questions and more questions. What is your message? What do you want to achieve? Which results will we measure? Only after we know which direction we’re taking, we take the next step.

step 2 flavor

Based on your answers, your budgets and learnings from previous campaigns, Moxy will draw up a marketing plan for your company. From mini to mega, just like with our different packs.

step 3 eye for detail 

Moxy ’s animation cell will make your 1-minute video according to the rules of the artform. Quick, to the point and with a big dose of entertainment. We will draw your storyboard, write your text, have a professional voice record your text and animate your video to turn it into 60 flashy seconds.



HD-videoproduction and 4K film production

From script to screen. For TV, PC, tablet or smart phone. In a studio or on location. With the right voice-over and music. Need extra animations? Moxy will sit down at the drawing board to produce them for you.

4K is the newest resolution standard, specially designed for digital movie and computer graphics. These days, it’s the highest resolution format available to the consumer. A 4K production gives you a higher picture quality, sharper images and a larger projection surface.

A lot of information in little time

It only takes a few minutes to tell your story through a video. And that is imperative in a world where free time has become a scarce commodity. Time is money, you know? A good video strategy makes it easier to win over busy potential customers.


Easy sharing via social media

On Facebook and Instagram, we mainly want bite-sized chunks of content rather than endless texts. A short video is easily watched between two tasks. And with just the push of a button it is shared with own network.

Arouse curiosity

Moving images make a livelier website. With a convincing video in clear language, you speak to the emotions of your visitors and you hold their attention for longer. In this way – much more than with text – you get the chance to inspire, motivate and convince them.

Easy mobile viewing

Reading a text on your smartphone? Sometimes the layout goes astray. This is frustrating for the reader, who quickly loses patience and interest in your company. A video is online in no time and you can watch it on the go, at home or at work. This way you are always top of mind.

Drone, more than flying

Before, you had to pay enormous amounts of money for aerial images, but the prices for aerial shots are a lot more accessible these days.
Whatever you use the images for, by using drone images, you undoubtedly position your company as being innovative and distinctive.

High-end video equipment

A picture may say more than a thousand words, but an ugly picture or a blurry video is of no use to anyone. Moxy works with the best lenses, the best cameras, the best audio material and the best lighting equipment. You’ll see that in the result. Based on your budget, we focus the lenses, light the spots and bring the fingers to the buttons. The goal always remains the same: more reach, more response, more results.

Building trust

A company video, a look behind the scenes or a making-of: with a visual tour of your company you not only proactively answer possible questions, you also show that you have nothing to hide. The basis of any good relationship.

Video content such as an aftermovie, a company film, an infomercial, a video testimonial, a tutorial, a drone video, an animation, …the list goes on.

Curious as to what HD video production and animations we can shake out of our sleeves for your company?

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